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    This can unsurprisingly rub their hosts the wrong way

    Original @ Isegoria If our first impulse is to call immigrant-skeptics bigots, we would do well to step back and take a fuller look at the data, M.G. Miles suggests. After presenting many, many graphs of the data, he shares these conclusions: On the contrary, as we have seen, there is a real civilizational divide between what we […] [...]

    Report: McMaster Takes Issue With White House ‘Islamic Terrorism’ Mantra

    Original @ Small Wars Journal By: Voice of America The U.S. administration’s new national security adviser has reportedly told his staff that Muslims who carry out terrorist acts are corrupting Islam. [...]

    China’s TCL brings back physical keyboard in new BlackBerry

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Chinese electronics company TCL unveiled Saturday its first BlackBerry-licensed smartphone which brings back the device’s signature physical keyboard as it seeks to revive the once mighty brand. [...]

    Resort, tour company warn customers after data breach

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories A resort and a tour company are warning customers that their credit card information and other data may have been stolen. [...]

    Will There Be A “Great Raid” Into Syria?

    Original @ Small Wars Journal By: Gary Anderson There are some good reasons to increase the U.S. military force level in Syria; but if we do, it should be a short and decisive intervention with a clear goal. [...]

    GSSR Special Issue: What the New Administration Needs to Know About Terrorism and Counterterrorism

    Original @ Small Wars Journal By: Georgetown Security Studies Review Continue on for the press release on this GSSR Special Issue and a link to download. [...]

    Thorny skate will not be added to endangered species list

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories The thorny skate’s population may have declined, but not by enough to justify listing it under the Endangered Species Act, the federal government has ruled. [...]

    Navy Wants Non-Earmarked Money for New Technology

    Original @ Defensetech Navy leaders want to be able to get new gear and technology to the fleet within two years. And they’re hoping to build the flexibility… [...]

    Survey: Fraud-free elections, free speech, key to democracy

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories A survey of U.S. political science professors a month into Donald Trump’s presidency shows that fraud-free elections tops a list of 19 principles as most essential to democracy, as do free speech and a free press. [...]

    Lake created by coal waste landslide floods Bosnian highway

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Flooding from a new lake created by a landslide of mine waste shut down one of Bosnia’s main highways Saturday and raised fears of further flooding. [...]