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    Diffusion dynamics play an essential role in regulating stem cells and tissue development

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Gradients of molecular signaling factors play an essential role in numerous events in embryonic development, from patterning limb and organ formation to the intricate shaping of the brain and neuroanatomical architecture. These gradients are a consequence of diffusion dynamics in tissues, and newly published work describes two vital aspects of these diffusion processes in tissue development—first, the influence of molecular diffusion gradients on stem cell signaling pathways is described in detail, including a summary of recent discoveries in how gas and nutrient concentrations can influence stem cell potency, differentiation, and metabolism. Secondly, the paper describes novel applications of diffusion equations to model concentration gradients of nutrients and signaling factors in three-dimensional (3D) tissue constructs under a variety of conditions, including with or without cellular metabolism of the diffusing substance. [...]

    Second annual MIT Teaching with Digital Technology Awards recipients selected

    Original @ MIT News – Aeronautical and astronautical engineering Faculty and instructors recognized for improving classroom instruction and student engagement through innovative uses of digital technology. [...]

    Commanding in Multi-Domain Formations: Vision 2050 Warfighter Cyber-Security, Command and Control Architecture

    Original @ Small Wars Journal By: Radhika R. Roy and Brian M. Dempsey TRADOC Mad Scientist Project: The rise of super-intelligent information technologies fueled with robotics, smart munitions, ubiquitous sensing, and extreme networking. [...]

    How to run faster, smarter AI apps on smartphones

    Original @ KurzweilAI » News When you use smartphone AI apps like Siri, you’re dependent on the cloud for a lot of the processing — limited by your connection speed. But what if your smartphone could do more of the processing directly on your device — allowing for smarter, faster apps? MIT scientists have taken a step in that direction with [...] [...]

    Lessons from pre-industrial climate control

    Original @ MIT News – Architecture Graduate student Alpha Yacob Arsano wants to bring natural ventilation to the forefront of modern architecture. [...]

    New fund makes MIT a living sustainability lab

    Original @ MIT News – Environment MIT Office of Sustainability announces awards to multi-departmental projects that test management, design, and operations solutions on campus. [...]

    Engineered liver tissue expands after transplant

    Original @ MIT News – Health sciences and technology Tiny implantable “seeds” of tissue produce fully functional livers. [...]

    Microscopy technique could enable more informative biopsies

    Original @ MIT News – Cancer Expanding tissue samples before imaging offers detailed information about disease. [...]

    Projecting a visual image directly into the brain, bypassing the eyes

    Original @ KurzweilAI » News Imagine replacing a damaged eye with a window directly into the brain — one that communicates with the visual part of the cerebral cortex by reading from a million individual neurons and simultaneously stimulating 1,000 of them with single-cell accuracy, allowing someone to see again. That’s the goal of a $21.6 million DARPA award to [...] [...]

    50-year-old flu virus model revamped, revealing pandemic prediction possibilities

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories The scientific textbook depiction of the flu virus is about to get a facelift, due to a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine team’s discovery that a model of the influenza genome architecture untouched since the 1970s isn’t so perfect after all. [...]