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    Drug Discovery AI to Scour a Universe of Molecules for Wonder Drugs

    Original @ Singularity Hub On a dark night, away from city lights, the stars of the Milky Way can seem uncountable. Yet from any given location no more than 4,500 are visible to the naked eye. Meanwhile, our galaxy has 100–400 billion stars, and there are even more galaxies in the universe. The numbers of the night sky are […] [...]

    UK budget aims for driverless cars by 2021 (Update)

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories British finance minister Philip Hammond is to announce £75 million ($99 million, 84 million euros) funding for Artificial Intelligence and plans to put driverless cars on UK roads by 2021, in his budget speech on Wednesday. [...]

    Disturbing video depicts near-future ubiquitous lethal autonomous weapons

    Original @ KurzweilAI » News Campaign to Stop Killer Robots | Slaughterbots In response to growing concerns about autonomous weapons, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, a coalition of AI researchers and advocacy organizations, has released a fictional video that depicts a disturbing future in which lethal autonomous weapons have become cheap and ubiquitous worldwide. UC Berkeley AI researcher Stuart Russell [...] [...]

    Study analyzes mutations in cerebrospinal fluid in lung cancer with brain metastases

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories Researchers have explored the analysis of mutations in cerebrospinal fluid of lung cancer patients with brain metastases in a study presented at the ESMO Asia 2017 Congress. Tumour tissue from brain metastasis is difficult to obtain and therefore less … [...]

    Study shows alectinib 600 mg more effective than crizotinib in Asian cancer patients

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories A subanalysis of the phase III ALEX study has shown that alectinib 600 mg twice daily is more effective than standard of care crizotinib in Asian patients with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) positive non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), researchers re… [...]

    China Is an Entrepreneurial Hotbed That Cannot Be Ignored

    Original @ Singularity Hub Last week, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet, predicted that China will rapidly overtake the US in artificial intelligence…in as little as five years. Last month, China announced plans to open a $10 billion quantum computing research center in 2020. Bottom line, China is aggressively investing in exponential technologies, pursuing a bold goal of becoming the global AI superpower by […] [...]

    Unexpected finding solves 40-year old cytoskeleton mystery

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Scientists have been searching for it for decades: the enzyme that cuts the amino acid tyrosine off an important part of the cell’s skeleton. Researchers of the Netherlands Cancer Institute have now identified this mystery player, which may be of vital… [...]

    Research suggests vertical axis turbines could increase public support for new wind energy installations

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories With global carbon emissions on the rise, wind power continues to be an attractive option for states and countries looking to limit fossil fuel use and increase renewable energy. Wind already accounts for over 5 percent of electricity generation in the… [...]

    Old World monkeys could be key to a new, powerful rheumatoid arthritis therapy

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories In the quest for a new and more effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC looked to a primate that mostly roams the land in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It was a particular peptide only found in Old World monkeys, called θ-defensin 1 (RTD-1), that the researchers believed had the potential to stop—or even reverse—the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that affects about 1.5 million people in the United States. The promising results of their study were published today in PLOS ONE. [...]

    FDA to crack down on risky stem cell offerings

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories U.S. health authorities announced plans Thursday to crack down on doctors pushing stem cell procedures that pose the gravest risks to patients amid an effort to police a burgeoning medical field that previously has received little oversight. [...]