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    Risk of falls up with mild, moderate diabetic retinopathy

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories (HealthDay)—Among Asians, individuals with mild and moderate diabetic retinopathy (DR) are more likely to have fallen, and greater perceived barriers to diabetes self-management (DSM) are associated with the severity of DR, according to two studies published online Nov. 16 in JAMA Ophthalmology. [...]

    Small changes to organ procurement system could lead to more life-saving transplants

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories Slight changes to the system for allocating deceased-donor kidneys could result in higher rates of organ procurement and lead to more kidney transplants across the country, according to new research co-authored by an Indiana University Kelley School of… [...]

    Show the flow

    Original @ MIT News – Civil and environmental engineering A novel hand-held laboratory reveals hidden subterranean fluid movement. [...]

    Helping Mexico design an effective climate policy

    Original @ MIT News – Environment MIT researchers are working with the Mexican government on carbon pricing options to meet the country’s climate goals under the Paris Agreement. [...]

    Research shows drones could help crop management take off

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, could help farmers determine if their crop is growing satisfactorily, according to a recent study conducted by University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture researchers. [...]

    China Is an Entrepreneurial Hotbed That Cannot Be Ignored

    Original @ Singularity Hub Last week, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet, predicted that China will rapidly overtake the US in artificial intelligence…in as little as five years. Last month, China announced plans to open a $10 billion quantum computing research center in 2020. Bottom line, China is aggressively investing in exponential technologies, pursuing a bold goal of becoming the global AI superpower by […] [...]

    New diabetes self-management education course for South Asian population

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories Researchers at King’s College London have signed an agreement with three partner organisations to offer a customised type 2 diabetes self-management education programme for the South Asian population in three London Boroughs. [...]

    No, You Shouldn’t Buy Anti-Radiation Meds: Alaska Emergency Officials

    Original @ Defensetech PALMER, Alaska — Reports that experts here want residents to purchase anti-radiation medication are completely untrue, officials with Alaska’s emergency management office said Thursday. A… [...]

    Tax reform proposal has serious implications for older Americans

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) advised members of Congress that the U.S. House of Representative’s tax reform bill (the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” or H.R. 1) would result in automatic cuts to key federal programs, including a $2… [...]

    Design Thinking Is Your Secret Weapon for Building a Greater Good

    Original @ Singularity Hub Jeanne Liedtka is a strategy professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, where she works with MBA students and executives on design-led approaches to innovation and growth. The author of five books and a very popular online class on design thinking, Liedtka is passionate about helping leaders learn the skills, tools, […] [...]