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    MIT researchers collaborate with Lamborghini to develop an electric car of the future

    Original @ MIT News – Energy Research from the Dinca and Hart labs, paired with Lamborghini’s “hypercar” concept, will result in the Terzo Millenio, an electric sports car for the third millennium. [...]

    A year of many firsts for the MIT Energy Hackathon

    Original @ MIT News – Energy With its best showing yet in a three-year history, the MIT Energy Hackathon fostered innovation with technological advancement from students around the world. [...]

    Show the flow

    Original @ MIT News – Civil and environmental engineering A novel hand-held laboratory reveals hidden subterranean fluid movement. [...]

    The problem is energy density

    Original @ Isegoria Long-haul trucking is an odd choice for Tesla. The problem is energy density: Batteries take up far more space and weight for a given output of energy than gasoline and diesel. That issue is becoming irrelevant in lighter vehicles like cars and smaller vans because they don’t require much power. But it looms large when […] [...]

    Mapping ‘damage trails’ lets researchers follow the water in Photosystem II

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have traced the paths of three water channels in an ancient photosynthetic organism to provide the first comprehensive, experimental study of how that organism uses and regulates water to create energy. [...]

    Helping Mexico design an effective climate policy

    Original @ MIT News – Environment MIT researchers are working with the Mexican government on carbon pricing options to meet the country’s climate goals under the Paris Agreement. [...]

    New computational method provides optimized design of wind up toys

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories A team of leading computer scientists has developed a novel computational system to aid the design and fabrication of wind-up toys, focusing on automating the intricate interior machinery responsible for the toys’ wind-up motion. The new computational … [...]

    Taking a spin on plasma space tornadoes with NASA observations

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Interplanetary space is hardly tranquil. High-energy charged particles from the Sun, as well as from beyond our solar system, constantly whizz by. These can damage satellites and endanger astronaut health—though, luckily for life on Earth, the planet is blanketed by a protective magnetic bubble created by its magnetic field. This bubble, called the magnetosphere, deflects most of the harmful high-energy particles. [...]

    Inventor Brian Krohn combats snoring, creates wizard tools

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Brian Krohn has developed brain surgery tools, pioneered biodiesel innovations and briefed members of Congress on how to turn waste oils into energy. [...]

    NIR-driven H2 evolution from water: Expanding wavelength range for solar energy conversion

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Hydrogen gas is a promising “green” fuel. The lightest chemical element, hydrogen is an efficient energy store and could potentially replace gasoline in vehicles. However, the element does not exist in large amounts in nature, and must be produced arti… [...]