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    Earning It: A Complete History of U.S. Army Berets and Who’s Allowed to Wear Them

    Original @ Small Wars Journal

    By: Army Times

    “It’s official: Seventeen years after adding another color to its array of distinctive headgear, the Army is getting another beret.”


    A year of many firsts for the MIT Energy Hackathon

    Original @ MIT News – Energy With its best showing yet in a three-year history, the MIT Energy Hackathon fostered innovation with technological advancement from students around the world. [...]

    Game review: ‘Need For Speed: Payback,’ wrong way

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Racing simulators are thriving within the genre these days, but arcade racers offer a brief respite from the tighter sim experiences and will always have a home with casual gamers. “Need For Speed” is a long-running series that has taken on many forms … [...]

    Strain-free epitaxy of germanium film on mica

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories Germanium, an elemental semiconductor, was the material of choice in the early history of electronic devices, before it was largely replaced by silicon. But due to its high charge carrier mobility—higher than silicon by threefold—the semiconductor is making a comeback. [...]

    China Is an Entrepreneurial Hotbed That Cannot Be Ignored

    Original @ Singularity Hub Last week, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet, predicted that China will rapidly overtake the US in artificial intelligence…in as little as five years. Last month, China announced plans to open a $10 billion quantum computing research center in 2020. Bottom line, China is aggressively investing in exponential technologies, pursuing a bold goal of becoming the global AI superpower by […] [...]

    New theory rewrites opening moments of Chernobyl disaster

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories A brand-new theory of the opening moments during the Chernobyl disaster, the most severe nuclear accident in history, based on additional analysis is presented for the first time in the journal Nuclear Technology, an official journal of the American Nu… [...]

    When did Australia’s human history begin?

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories In July, a new date was published that pushed the opening chapters of Australian history back to 65,000 years ago. It is the latest development in a time revolution that has gripped the nation over the past half century. [...]

    A popular tool to trace Earth’s oxygen history can give false positives

    Original @ – latest science and technology news stories For researchers pursuing the primordial history of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, a new study might sour some “Eureka!” moments. A contemporary tool used to trace oxygen by examining ancient rock strata can produce false positives, according to the stud… [...]

    Anti-malaria drug shows promise as Zika virus treatment

    Original @ Medical Xpress – latest medical and health news stories A new collaborative study led by researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) and UC San Diego School of Medicine has found that a medication used to prevent and treat malaria may also be effective for Zika virus. The drug, c… [...]

    3 Questions: Lisa Parks on drones, warfare, and the media

    Original @ MIT News – Humanities MIT media studies professor discusses new essay collection analyzing the impact of drones. [...]